Opening of “Maritime Law Academy (Intensive Course)” offered by Choi &…

  • 등록일2018-11-16
  • 조회수2,583


Law Offices Choi & Kim has offered Maritime Law Academy since January 2010 as a token of appreciation to the Korean shipping and maritime community.  The last session, held in May 2018, was a basic course to cultivate the ability to survey the general aspects of the Korean maritime law.

We are offering an intensive course this time for the benefit of those who are already equipped with the basic knowledge of the Korean maritime law.  The purpose of the intensive course is to provide the students with deeper understanding of the Korean maritime law by poring over the landmark cases.  Further, after the sessions of 12 hours in total over a 4-week period on the Korean maritime law are over, we plan to provide you with a 3-hour special session (1 week) on the introduction to English maritime law, which will be lectured by Mr. J. H. Shin, a partner in our office who has recently completed the LL.M. in maritime law from the Swansea University in the United Kingdom.